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Table mirrors

Small design objects enrich the furniture. Each glass element (leaf, curl, flower) is worked with passion and, in his simplicity, remains unique because handmade. The colours and the sizes of these objects are various, like the styles and the manufacturing techniques which distinguish our little jewels.



They have different shapes and sizes and consist of a hand-engraved Murano’s glass bottom, of a glass edge, produced with the “torsè’” technique (as the tradition says), and of decorated brass handles (generally of gold or silver). Some platter – versions can be enriched by silver staining and marble effect on the bottom.



Fine and elegant furnishing items, they conceal a complicated manufacture rich in details: we start from the simple cutting of  a glass sheet, known as “float”, in order to create artworks enriched with shapes and angles which play with the lights and design elements. Then you also have a proper shape-building, with items composed elaborately by bevelled and polished glass.
Very often this type of work is flanked by a process of silvering or engravings which complete the shaping of these proper jewels.
The wide range of items that our artisan company offers sometimes is not enough: in this case we try to find  new solutions taking into consideration the needs of the customer, in order  finally to create something “ad hoc”.
Be it a piece of furniture or a project involving our items, we are able to create the idea and make it real, meeting the desires of the customers.


Classic Venetian

It’s a classic item which follows the tradition of Venice using techniques, elements and a style well-known all over the world. Every glasswork has the melting of colors and gold not just overlapped on the surface but inserted internally to the fusion, so it can sustain the passage of time.
Decorations are engraved by hand by masters who are capable of applying manifold techniques learned through times.



In this specific case classic technique is reviewed in a modern key, with colours and design which are matched with nowadays. In order to achieve this goal  we make use of modern techniques and materials aiming to widen our skills in creating unique and precious items.



Therefore, we are allowed to say that our company offer a very wide selection of articles, even if sometimes, this could be not enough: in that case, we don’t hesitate to find new ideas, or to directly listen the customer’s opinions, in order to create something “ad hoc”, specially made. Whether you choose a piece of furniture, or the furniture- project of an entire room, we are able to create the idea and to turn your imagination into reality, according to your desires.

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