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The secret is in the details

Girando Glowing Glass


In our company Riflessi Veneziani we are constantly looking for original harmonies between the classical art, that exploit our manufacturing, and the modern day-technical knowledge, in order to be coherent with the history and the tradition which value our articles.
This allow us to carry out the working like the engraving or the creation of glass components using the traditional processing methods, keeping the quality and the old artistic loyalty, and meanwhile meeting the customer requests and needs, as the management of File Cad, or the production which require measurements and spanned times.
We only work with Murano glass, handmade  produced by experienced master artists, in order to value every single element and make all our product really unique.
We don’t search any shortcuts: for example, the colours of our glasses are produced by fusion technique, therefore they endured the wear and tear of time.
We are curious and always on moving: thanks to these specific features, we have the possibility to learn new processes, to see the innovation in the field, and finally also to rediscover and test old technique, that they deemed lost.
Riflessi Veneziani thinks that all this is important because we firmly believe that the value of an artisan lies in his knowledge and in his stock of experiences and information.
Our particular approach let us to integrate with time the vast majority of the production, so that we are able to create new products, revelling no links with outside actors.


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